Paul Chet - Vocals

Paul is a native of Fort Collins, Colorado. Being a country man at heart, he also feels right at home in Wyoming, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. His love of country music started at a young age. He's been passionate about it since, singing all along the Colorado and Wyoming Front Range over the past 30 years.

On stage he's highly entertaining, full of life and energy. He can bring you to tears either from him powerful voice, or from his crazy antics or wardrobe. If you've never seen him live, get ready for a great show!

Paul is highly driven. He believes in hard work and is often up before the rooster. Paul is also a caring man. On his small farm just outside of Fort Collins, he and his other half have several animals, which they care deeply about.

When he's not belting out powerful lyrics on-stage, Paul is slinging scissors at his salon.

Franklin Taggart - Lead Guitar/Vocals

Franklin got his start playing his granny's organ in 1967. His first girlfriend introduced him to the Wurlitzer and he hasn't been the same since. He had to switch to guitar due to exhaustion.

Franklin Taggart wanted to be a stand-up comedian but ultimately discovered he wasn't funny. His parents always encouraged him to have something to fall back on, and for him that fallback was music. He writes, plays, sings, records, and produces music and he's played in bars, breweries, bordellos, and blowouts in every isolated corner of the Continental U.S. He is also a life coach.

Jim Abraham - Bass/Vocals

Jim Abraham started playing bass at the age of 8. Through the years he has played in various bands that included the styles of Jazz, Funk, Soul, Rock, Celtic and now Country. A believer that a bass player should learn all styles of music, his mother recently reminded him that he once told her he would never be in a country music band, and yet here we are!

While growing up listening to the likes of Stevie Wonder, and various jazz artists, Jim has grown to love the story telling and song writing of Country Music. He especially enjoys the camaraderie and musicianship of this band and is proud to call each of the members good friends.

Bob Montgomery - Keyboard/Accordion

Bob got his musical start in junior high school playing piano with his dad on bass in a jazz combo, organ with his friends in a rock band (We were playing 'Classic Rock' when it was just call 'Rock'), and percussion in his school's concert band.

Hugh Castor - Percussion/Vocals

Ever since Hugh’s father purchased his first drum set at the age of 8, he has been in love with playing the drums. Over the years he has explored many styles of music, from classical to country, jazz to rock, and West African to samba. Hugh is an ensemble player at heart. Whether it is busking on the streets, playing in 50 piece orchestra, or a country band, he endeavors to bring nuance, musicality, and rhythm to help craft the musical story.